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Name: Kat Curry
PostDate: May 28, 2013
DateHousingNeeded: July 1, 2013
Phone1: 7167257288
Gender: Female
MaxRent: $0.00
Area Desired: All
Housing Type: Apartment
Smoker: No
Pets: 0
Children: No
Number of Children: 0
Car: Yes
Smoke Pref: Non-Smoker
Gender Pref: Female
Pets Pref: No Pets
Child Pref: No Children
Needs Public Transportation: No
Needs Furnished Housing: No
Willing to Share Bedroom: No
I am looking for another girl to fill one bedroom in a 2 bedroom apartment in Lake Grove starting in July. It is about a 15 minute drive to campus, no pets, no smokers. Contact me if interested!